Theta Delta Chi Makerspace

at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Come build you, with us

The TDC Makerspace is located in the basement of Theta Delta Chi Theta Deuteron, the MIT charge of Theta Delta Chi. Complete with digital fabrication and hand tools, the space is used by MIT TDC undergrates and alums, completely free of charge! It spun out from the need for students to have a dedicated space outside of campus to work on academic and personal projects. Since its inception in 2016, it has become a platform for studying residential-based learning at MIT.


Its been proven time and time again that if you are only looking for innovation from within your group, you will fail. That's why the TDC makerspace has collaborated with other groups on and off campus to facilitate the sharing of ideas, resources, and talent.

MIT's Open Mind::Open Art Gallery

The TDC makerspace was the workshop for artists chosen to be part of MIT's first art gallery celebrating neurodiversity. The artists used the space to create their pieces, while the makers utilized the space to build the gallery that was open 24/7 for two weeks.


The TDC makerspace has been chosen by the MIT Ana Avatar XPRIZE team to be the home base for the project duration. The XPRIZE challenge requires teams to operate an avatar at least 50 km away. To pursue this goal, TDC makerspace has collaborated with the D3 Innovation Center in Montreal. Both makerspaces will host complimentary halves of the team, allowing for rapid testing of the remote requirements. The MIT team will host the physical avatar; the D3 team will focus on software and telemetry.

The Tools

Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication items include 2 FDM 3D printers, an mini mill (Modela MDX-20), and a 2x3 feet 50 watt laser cutter.

Wood Working

Wood working tools support lots of projects used for house improvements. Tools include a drill press, saws (band, table, miter), and belt sanders. Each of the stationary machines also containes the hand-held power tool equivalent: power drills, jig saw, circular saw, and power sanders.

Electronics Work Station

Electronics are becoming increasingly popular in prototyping. We have an electronics bench complete with solder stations, flux, various prototyping boards (rapsberry pi; Arduino Uno), break out boards, and jumper cables. We also provide electrical tape and nut wire connectors for electrical work done on the house.

Hand Tools

The power horses of many projects. Tools vary from hammers, to screwdriver sets, large format rulers, levels, hot glue guns, and of course, safety equipment such as safety glasses, hair ties, ear plugs, and face masks.

Grass Roots Movement

The makerspace grew out of the need to expand Morris' makershelf in his room to accomodate the work needed by undergrads. It started with a group brainsotmring of projects and needs, followed by a plan to fundraise from alumni. Fundraising included pricing out specific machines we wanted, designing silhouettes of those machines and laser cutting them, and placing them around the room that was to be the makerspace.

We coupled fundraising with our annual Alumni Banquet, and helped alumni visualize what the space would look like. In this way, alumni had the ability to donate for a particular machine they wanted. With funds in hand, we saved even more money by purchasing the bulk of our equipment during Black Friday.


Morris Vanegas

Morris is a TDC alum. He is currently working on his PhD in translational biomedical devices after completing three degrees at MIT (BS Aerospace Engineering '12, MS Astronautical Engineering '16, MS Mechanical Engineering '16). His work focuses on the impact of digital fabrication of space and medicine, two notoriously difficult industries to disrupt.

Jessica Artiles

Jessica is a true thespian. Her work spans endineering education, design thinking, and process art. Also an MIT 3-time grad (BS Mechanical Engineering '12, MS Mechanical Engineering '15, MS Technology and Policy '15), she is now a curriculum designer at EXPLO Studio.

Get Involved

Make with us

Got an idea you want to make but need our tools? Need a space to host your next meetup? Want to collaborate for use of the space for long-term project? Want to study residential based learning? Feel free to reach out to!


The MIT TDC Makerspace is completely student run. We are always looking for support, in the form of time, expertise, machines, or funds. If you have a tool or skill you want to donate, please reach out!