Originally the house of an MIT chancellor, the house at 372 Memorial Drive boasts common areas such as a TV room, a pool room, a music room, an Athena cluster, and a dining room. Facilities extend to a House Manager’s closet stocked with power tools, a professional chef’s kitchen (including the professional chef), and decks and balconies on every floor. There is even a pub taking up most of the basement that functions as a dance floor and an all-purpose venue for social gatherings. Rooms are packed with contributions from actives and alumni alike including lofts, murals, an indoor rock climbing wall, and an indoor hammock overlooking the Charles River. 

Our personal chef, who was a runner-up on the TV show Hell’s Kitchen, provides lunch and dinner. The second floor is home to the house Resident Advisor — a Theta Delta Chi alumnus — and his partner in a newly remodeled two-room area used as a bedroom and an office. The Theta Delta Chi five-story waterfront mansion offers the feel of a fraternity house, the beauty of the Charles River, and the convenience of the MIT campus and facilities.