Theta Delta Chi embodies MIT’s unofficial slogan:

Work hard, play hard.

We understand that we’re here primarily to learn. That is why the house has a complete Athena cluster and a library, in which you will find many brothers studying during the week. Because of our members’ diverse interests, most classes have been taken by at least one brother before you; there will always be someone more than happy to help you out with classwork. Moreover, books from several courses can be found in our vast library, making it easier to access the material. Thus, the bonds of the brotherhood enrich your academic experience here at MIT.


A brother in his search for knowledge.

Being at MIT is often compared to drinking from a firehose. As your Academic Chair, I’m more than happy and ever-willing to help you with your work, encourage your intellectual curiosities, and provide important resources.

Academic Chair
Adan Medrano Martin del Campo 17′